"Giving the Service You Deserve"
24 hours,7 days a week on Call.

What is UpTime?

  Simply put,if you equipment is "down" so are your profits!! My Family invests in your UpTime through Factory training, local parts inventory in Santa Rosa,Computerized parts and equipment ordering on line,real time, with our factories!

We invest in our customers Uptime keeping us all profitable providing you with:

When it is time to replace your equipment sales and service works together to provide you with the wisest equipment solution for your business!

Other companies do not have the full palate :
My Father has had one job since 1962 for one reason and he shared his success with me early on and it stuck.

"Know you customers business,
Take care of my Customer... and He will take care of us"    Gary Lytle

Dad shared that with me as a 21 year old salesmen 24 years ago and it stuck.

Technology may be changing in the business world but Integrity is the foundation of my Families business as well as yours. Check in with us today and see what's it like to know your equipment investment is protected by my family .
A family tradition for 3 generations since 1968!

Yours in Service!
Steve Lytle