What's New  In Sales and Service!!!!!!

I recently attended our National Sales Meeting in Orlando and was excited to see some advancements in equipment technology. Here are a few hot new items!


First ventless door-type warewasher with Energy Recovery (patent pending)
Unique Energy Recovery condensing cycle captures the water vapor and preheats the inlet water up to 140ºF
Eliminates the need for a ventilation hood

Saves as much as $5,068 first year and $1,568 every year after
NSF Certified for cleaning pots and pans, and dishes and glasses
ENERGY STAR® qualified, uses only .74 gallons of water per rack !!!

The  first ventless door-type warewasher featuring Energy Recovery, the Hobart Advansys Ventless Door-Type saves you water, energy and installation costs. No Costly Hood ! No Hassles!


Baxter Released  The Hybrid  Convection oven series.
The HCO 100 units have full steam injection for all your artisan baking needs along with a unique airflow design that no longer requires the operator to turn the pans. Gas or electric with an optional proofer
Even Baking
An no more nasty burns from turning pans!

Artisan Breads      Pies                     Turkey
Pastry                    Torts                      Casseroles
Cookies                Biscotti                  Roast Beef
Cakes                   Croissants            Chicken
Cupcakes             Rolls                      Lasagna

Can You say Big profit in a small space?
See why our Customers Like the Cake Boss Depend on Baxter

Preventive Maintenance Programs!!!

Safeguard Your Equipment
With A Hobart Preventive Maintenance Program
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure — and that's particularly true when it comes to food equipment. Regularly scheduled preventive maintenance tasks keep your equipment running right, resulting in many operator benefits:

Lengthens Equipment Life — properly maintained equipment simply lasts longer and has a higher resale value.

Enhanced Operator Efficiency — ensures that the equipment operates at peak performance levels.

Prevents Costly Downtime — anticipating and preventing future problems before they occur helps avoid downtime and dissatisfied customers.

Cuts Maintenance Costs — catches minor equipment problems before they have a chance to become major ones. If any necessary repairs are discovered, they can often be performed on the spot, saving you the travel charges of an additional service call.

Guarantees Proper Maintenance — scheduling normal required preventive maintenance tasks gives you peace of mind in knowing that they will not be overlooked or postponed, but carried out by experts — backed by the premier service organization in our industry.

Call Me for an appointment Today and Let me show you how to turn your next
Equipment purchase or Equipment Maintenance program  into Profits!!!

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